Friday March 20th, 4:00 PM

Addressing the Financial Impact of COVID

As California begins shutting down, and every county comes under a shelter in place order, business owners and employees feel the uncertainty of the coming weeks. Fortunately the situation that we find ourselves in is unique in that we have the ability to brace for impact. Unlike the liquidity crisis of 2008 or the crash of the Great Depression, the financial industry is well equipped to support small businesses and individuals in regards to the impacts of Coronavirus. Join us for a discussion on the resources that are being provided and how to guide your workforce to take the appropriate actions so that they can find the support they need to get through the Corona Situation. Topics we will be discussing include:


Supporting our workforce:

1) The Response of Financial Institutions to Coronavirus   

2) How to Bank through a crisis. Addressing the needs of uncertainty. 

3) Options for unemployment 


Supporting Survival and Longevity for Small Business:

1) SBA Disaster Relief Loan 

2) Loss, Need, Capacity 

3) Defining your Needs

4) Understanding Capacity 

5) Addressing your Needs and uses for SBA Disaster Relief 

6) Communicating with Vendors and Lenders 

7) Addressing the Needs of our Workforce

I look forward to seeing you there!