Kyle Roseman 

Academy Founder 

Kyle Roseman lives in Santa Cruz, California. Financial Engineer and Educator, Kyle is the creator of the "Living Credit System"- the foundation on which we operate. With a passion for fueling Microeconomics, Kyle founded the Santa Cruz Financial Academy to provide everyday people with the financial insight to achieve their dreams. The journey towards Financial Freedom truly is a Revolution. A fight against Ignorance and misinformation. Together we can create a healthier world. 

What is The Living Credit System?

The Living Credit System is a financial model that addresses the cashflow needs of small businesses and everyday people. We use it to pay off debt early, save money and drive economic growth in our lives. 

The model takes the banking products that we are all offered and puts them together in a way that allows us to propel forward rather than struggle. Through understanding this model we are able to:

1. Grasp how money works

2. Understand Risk  

3. Create financial security in times of income volatility

4. Have an actionable understanding of the time value of money 

5. Save Money 

6. Pay off debts early 

7. Become financially efficiant 


Join us for a Webinar Discussion on how to address the financial Impact of Coronavirus 

Addressing the Financial Impact of COVID

Managing our Money like the Financial Institutions do it.

We take the same principles that Banks and Insurance Companies use to grow pools of Money and we apply them to our personal lives. Some call them Secrets. We call them Truths. At the end of the day, we grow wealth in the same way that the Richest Families in the World do. When it comes to growing wealth, why would we do it any other way? 

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The Financial Revolution 

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Financial Academy. This is a place where the Fortunate Few come together to build their Empire. We don't just talk about Investment Vehicles, we create financial systems that support Generational Wealth, and together we Revolt Against the Great Wealth Gap of Today. Do you have what it takes to be a Financial Revolutionary?  


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